A recipe for success

Thursday 01 February 2018

Frederick’s Ice Cream of Chorley, Lancashire has been making delicious ice cream to a traditional Italian family recipe for over 100 years – but the company has recently added a new ingredient or two to their mix.

Unilever fined €60m for market abuse

Monday 11 December 2017

Italy’s antitrust agency said on Wednesday it had fined Unilever’s Italian unit more than €60m (£53m) for abusing its dominant position in the country’s ice cream market.

Ice cream for breakfast can make you more intelligent

Friday 17 November 2017

A scoop of ice cream for breakfast can provide an unexpected brain boost, a Japanese scientist has found.

The Museum of ice Cream

Wednesday 04 October 2017

An article published by CBNC in the US today reports that millennials are flocking to a new concept called pop-up museums, which are temporary staged exhibits specifically designed for taking weird and interesting selfies such as the Museum of Ice Cream.

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