The Definitive Collection of ice cream machinery

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High performance ice cream machinery

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Continuous Freezers
Freezing involves two processes: the first removes energy and any formation of crystals. The second process, is aeration which make ice cream softer. Our continuous freezers are designed to produce a hard, dry and luxurious end product each and every time
Filling Machines
Filling machines fill a receptacle which is usually a cup, cone or a tub with a viscous, frozen product such as ice-cream or frozen yoghurt. Take a look at our formidable rotary ice cream filling machines.
Mix Preparation
ROKK offers a complete range of self-contained mix plants for producing a premium pasteurised liquid ice cream mix. As well as being simple to operate via the manual control panel, our designers and craftsmen have invested significant time and energy into designing ROKK batch mix plants for rapid, cost-saving plug and play-like site connections to reduce commissioning time and costs.
Robot Fillers
Robot fillers are capable of not only filling ice cream containers, but also creating precise artisan decoration on bulk round and rectangular cakes. The compact machines feature a semiautomatic, six-axis, pneumatically powered robotic arm with unrivalled accuracy.