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Food processing, ice cream processing machinery and equipment

ROKK was established to provide the industry with a new class of food processing and ice cream manufacturing equipment.

Simple, solid, and dependable, every machine has been carefully designed to simply enhance and streamline production as well as draw and utilise all of the natural qualities and flavours from the ingredients being used to the benefit of the end product.

From mixing to filling and freezing to inclusion, ROKK’s food processing and ice cream manufacturing machinery caters for every stage of production with aspirational machines that are used and trusted around the world.

The superiority of the components used throughout the range not only ensures that they are highly dependable and easily able to cope with the vigor of modern production, but also that the product, whichever stage it may be at, is treated with the utmost respect and processed in a manner that will guarantee a high-end food product or luxurious ice cream.


All dimensions and specifications are given in good faith but may alter without notice so customers should check prior to order.

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Uncomplicated, easy to use and highly efficient
Peter Fryer
co-founder of English Lakes Ice Cream