“ROKK’s RFE continuous freezer range comprises of 11 machines, each varying in size and power, but all being ideal for use in small laboratories all the way up to large factories. Equipped with self-contained Bitzer freon 'refrigeration' compressors, each machine in the RFE continuous freezer series has been designed for easy installation and increased mobility in the factory.

The range boasts uniquely designed high efficiency ‘Veloce’ barrels that are capable of cooling an entering ice cream mix to ultra-low temperatures in a matter of seconds. As a result of this exceptionally quick ability to freeze, the machines ensure that ice molecules don’t have time to form, producing a hard, dry and luxurious end product each and every time. As well as an automatic hot gas defrosting system to provide an accurate regulation of viscosity and automatic freeze-up protection, each RFE continuous freezer is fitted with either a mixture of a powerful twin piston mix pump alone for the smaller machines, the twin piston pump with a rotary extraction pump on the larger machine or twin rotary extraction pumps on the PLC-controlled machines to ensure that seeds, fruit and other particles are passed through easily without the risk of causing blockages and disruption to the business through subsequent downtime. The RFE continuous freezer range gives near total flexibility with output rates from as little as 100 litres of ice cream per hour all the way up to 1,600 litres of ice cream per hour depending upon model, providing a sweet-spot in the range for any size of producer from small to very large”