Ice cream Gelato production Mix Plant 1200 HTST

ROKK Mix Plant 1200 HTST


Self-contained HTST ice cream batch mix plant

ROKK offers a complete range of self-contained HTST mix plants for producing industrial volumes of premium pasteurised ice cream mix. Available in a range of different sizes, each HTST ice cream mix plant operates the advanced HTST principle of heating and cooling. The mix is heated to pre-pasteurisation temperature in the vessels before being pasteurised, homogenised and then cooled in the heat-exchanger section of the plant, which finally chills the mix to around 4°C ready for transfer to the ageing tank.

As well as being easy to operate via the manual control panel, every ice cream mix plant in the HTST range can save the user up to 65% on energy costs compared to traditional batch plants making them incredibly environmentally friendly. Our designers and craftsmen have invested significant time and energy into designing ROKK HTST mix plants for rapid, cost-saving plug and play-like site connections to reduce commissioning time and costs.

Each ice cream mix plant in the range is extremely compact given its large capacity and constructed on 100% stainless steel over-sized chassis to reduce vibrations and noise pollution as well as guaranteeing long-lasting reliability and a consistently high-quality liquid mix.



Tank section dimensions 2200 x 4000 x 2500 mm H

Pasteurisation section dimensions 2200 x 3300 x 2400 mm H

Homogeniser section dimensions 1400 x 1450 x 1160 mm H


1,200 ltr/hr

Electrical consumption

10 kW

Heating requirements

75 kW

Mains water consumption

850 ltr/hr

Chilled water consumption

10,000 ltr/hr

Air consumption

200 ltr/hr

Primary benefits

Simple operation:  Each machine in the HTST Mix Plant range is fitted with an easy to use manual control system to provide complete yet simple control throughout the pasteurisation process.

Compact and easy to install: Despite the large capacity of the mix plants, each is incredibly compact and due to the clever design, and as a result is quick and simple to install.

Environmentally friendly: The mix plants are environmentally friendly as rather than heating the mix in the large tanks, it is heated during the pasteurisation cycle when it passes through the plate heat exchanger, substantially reducing the power required to perform the process.

Well engineered and reliable: The internal mechanics, quality components and premier materials used throughout the range seamlessly combine to produce a machine that can be depended on day-in, day-out.

CIP washable: Due to the intelligent design and layout, each of the batch mix plants is simple to clean and maintain.

Additional information

For more information about ROKK HTST Mix Plants, please call +44 (0)1455 220179 or email

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Servicing for this machine

All ROKK machines come with a one year warranty, backed-up by highly skilled, experienced and approachable service engineers, fully trained in both electrical, mechanical and refrigeration.

“With the service, the quality and innovation of the machinery as well as the end product, I would highly recommend any ROKK machinery to any ice cream manufacturer.”

Managing Director of Yarde Farm Ice Cream